Catclar Investments

At Catclar, we like to think outside of the box to create forward-thinking developments for the urban dweller.


Catclar Investments LLC is the managing developer of The Rosedale Residences. Catclar was founded in 2003 by Principal Irene Catsibris Clary. With a rare combination of talent, dedication and forward-thinking ingenuity, Clary has led her company Catclar Investments to the forefront of Arizona real estate, offering some of the most avant-garde and successful residential and commercial developments in the country.

Aside from hard work, creative "out-of-the-box" thinking and a natural zeal for quality, Clary's keen eye for detail ensure that every design and floorplan originating from her team embodies rigorous structural integrity, state-of-the-art technology, and an aesthetic allure that inspires even the most discriminating buyer.

Land Development from Concept to Completion

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The Catclar Team

Irene Catsibris Clary

Irene Catsibris Clary

Entrepreneur with over 30 years experience in land acquisition, planning, development, construction and marketing.

Eli Setton

Eli Setton
Director of Construction

Extensive real estate development career beginning in Vancouver, BC in 1990.


Our Projects


Soho Scottsdale

Destined to be more than a stimulating place to live. It personifies the active lifestyle of today's professional.


421 W 6th St

A 24-unit luxury townhouse project for the discerning palette of the urban dweller in the heart of Tempe.


Clarendon Estates

This 11-unit townhouse development offering a maintenance free lifestyle close to boutique shops and restaurants.


Residences on Main

A 96-unit mid-rise development in a quiet corner of Old Town Scottsdale, just across from the famous Hotel Valley Ho.


Main St. Mews

Comprised of 62 elegant townhomes in Old Town Scottsdale, just steps from the Arts District.


Sutton Place on Greenway

Catclar's latest endeavor is the development of a senior living community in North Phoenix called "Sutton Place on Greenway," which will be comprised of 142 residences.